3 Ways How Your Health Insurance Company Is Scamming You

Saturday, October 9, 2010

3 Ways How Your Health Insurance Company Is Scamming You

The growing number of consumers make health insurance providers for the distribution of health insurance fraud has led. These providers often target new retirees and the elderly owners and small businesses that do not negotiate lower rates with legitimate insurers can. Be very careful before investing in any health policy. Read on to get an idea of the three roads that can make your health insurance fraud.

1. Non-payment of debts

In the general resources of the health insurance fraud, a large number of people quickly connect, offers them lucrative contracts. These insurance policies are still paying small premiums and medical costs, but if there is a considerable amount of demand or regulatory capture, disappear this illegal business, as if they never existed.

So if you receive excellent care and / or service provider offers an excuse for the default. If you have enrolled in these illegal schemes, you may be responsible for medical costs for their employees.

2. Unauthorized health plans

If the company you have bought, have the policy of health care is not by the state Insurance Commissioner may take the trouble. If all the safety measures of the regulation of insurance can not contact the service provider, the company may be incorrect. In this case, your service provider from the sale of unauthorized health insurance is broken.

Insurance agents are not allowed to sell, legitimate ERISA or union plan, federal law governs. Therefore, if your insurance agent to deceive the sale of a "ERISA" or "union" plan tries to explain to your insurance department of the state.

3. Unusual coverage offered at lower prices

If you are offered an unusual coverage regardless of their health and that even at a lower rate and more advantages over other forms of insurance, it is also time to press the panic button. Do not be fooled by the lucrative offer, or you can take a walk. The aim of the "crooks" to collect large amounts as soon as possible, so try to sell the maximum number of measures at attractive prices.

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