Health Insurance And Retirement

Friday, October 15, 2010

Health Insurance And Retirement

When planning for retirement, buying disability insurance or long term health care is important. The insurance usually want to know a lot about you. Which are classified according to their habits, medical history and family history.

You need an understanding of their own health. The most important factor in determining the cost of insurance is health.

Here are some tips for the best health ranking possible at the lowest possible price:

1. Tell the truth

How to hide certain facts about his health not to help. First, the insurance company over time because their records. It is assumed that the problem seriously because he is not mentioned. Worse still, holding the withholding of information important to your company policy to weaken.

Give the insurer your full medical history. But it's on their terms. For example, not only means you have high blood pressure. Tell me, diagnosed with high blood pressure for several years and have retained control of it.

Enter all the information and reduce uncertainty, then finally a good deal.

Be careful when you say things that sounds like a hesitant answer, as you have something to hide. Be as clear as possible with their answers.

Ask what the ranking is based. It would be in the general criteria in determining the health ranking and it varies from company to company. Determine the classification in a particular firm and why. It helps to have a better idea and we hope and reduce your premium. The review of the best rates possible, but we know that the rate of a test.

2. Your doctor can help you.

Tell your doctor. Insurance, talk to your doctor and see your shots do. If not, at least see your records in the office of health insurance.

Your best bet is to your doctor if you are applying for insurance. A warning will ensure that the insurance company found out and in exchange for a positive evaluation.

Make sure the company receives a full record, especially when you move from one doctor to another. The insurance wants all medical records to obtain a complete picture of your health.

Examine discrete. Too much research can raise a red flag to you. Try to get an agent to do the shopping for you. Choose your broker carefully. Like other experts, are not the same.


  1. It is important to have health insurance so that when you grow old you have something you can depend on. It is not just a luxury but a necessity.

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  2. yes, i agree with you michael! we must prepare from now dor our future. ty for coming and your coment