Do You Know if Health Insurance Up 78 Percent Since 2000, Along With Policy Terminations?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do You Know if Health Insurance Up 78 Percent Since 2000, Along With Policy Terminations?

Health insurance rose by 7.7 percent this year, twice the inflation rate. Premiums by 78 percent since 2000 that compare salary increases of just 20 percent and the real picture begins influence.

Individuals are now paying on average a little over $ 4,000 per year in premiums for American families close to $ 11,500 this year. Companies that offer health benefits now at 61 percent of which was reduced from 69 percent in 2000.
It is estimated that over 155 million Americans receive health benefits from their employers. To reduce the over-all cost of the insurance plans that many companies already offer packages of benefits with higher deductibles. It should be noted that this report follows a recent U.S. Census reported that 1.3 million Americans were in the ranks of the uninsured in 2009 are included. Clearly here the long-term trend towards a decrease in the coverage of small companies for their employees is provided.

Means for workers and employers, reducing the already very high growth rate that you pay more, "said Dr. Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

accumulate insurance companies under fire recently for dumping families who have large medical bills. In a case pending in the U.S. state of California a complaint against Blue Cross coverage is leaving for a family when medical costs were $ 20,000. The family was of extraordinary medical expenses above $ 60,000. The company accused the family is not in their coverage application an undiagnosed mass revealed in one of the chin of children. The family said they (or their physician) knew nothing of the entire tumor during the presentation of the application.

Such termination of the coverage has now created a massive response to insurance companies and led to a series of court cases. The insured said their policies were illegally fired because of financial difficulties serious. State regulators said they are studying and preparing to take action against Cruz Azul.

Something must be done to protect (us) the public against these (insurance) companies. Difficulties arise when a family is facing medical expenses at a time when they really need the most support is nothing short of criminal. After our money should not every month for years have the right to terminate our hedging activities. What should be forced by law to enforce a contract, he wrote, and we also agreed.

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