How We Can Make Health Insurance Better?

Friday, October 15, 2010

How We Can Make Health Insurance Better?

You have to borrow money fast to pay for health insurance in those days. Even if your company pays for half or more of your premium, a premium for a family is still at least two or three hundred dollars per month. This is ridiculous, especially for people who do not want to visit the doctor frequently. However, all are concerned that if they do not have insurance, then they need and will not be able to help they need, or the lack of health care will get as uninsured. There are several factors that have emerged in recent years to carry health insurance to remain that continue in effect.

One of the main problems that the health insurance cause a further increase in the number of frivolous malpractice lawsuits against doctors filed annually. Even if a doctor does not do anything wrong, you still have the legal costs, pay the most paid by an insurance against malpractice. And if a doctor a failure to pay tens of millions of dollars in damages. All this makes more pay for insurance for medical malpractice, resulting in higher costs for patients, so that they can continue to survive. One of the best ideas I have heard to combat this problem, the legislature put a cap on prize money for punitive damages in these lawsuits are excellent. All that is above the ceiling to help the state pay for schools, roads and other things for the community. Thus the people, reduces simply continue to get rich quick, but still allow people to sue when an error has actually occurred.

Another big problem that is causing health problems, the ability of insurance companies for health insurance for failure to obtain the requested pay in full by a doctor. The health insurance companies rarely pay half what they ask for a doctor, the doctor has to usually eat the sunk costs. This is due to increase in doctors' offices to help their prices, the burden of this loss of benefits. A simple solution would be a kind of regulations that doctors' offices, let to collect the full amount for a visit to implement. This mechanism would require insurance companies to the amount they doctors, who pay the price for doctor visits reduced for all patients.

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